How Collagen Has Helped Me

How Collagen Has Helped Me

Sam Day tells us about the difference the Collagen Boost capsules have made after taking them for ten weeks.

Sam’s Experience

I’ve always had thick healthy, naturally curly hair but in the last year my bouncy curls have turned to frizz, and the condition of my hair had become dry and brittle. It was quite depressing and in such bad shape that at the age of 52, I had resorted to straightening my hair for the first time in my life! Straighteners are not the best thing for hair health anyway, but at least my hair looked better after I had finished styling it. At a previous salon appointment, my hairdresser commented that my hair didn’t seem in the best condition, but to my delight at my last appointment, she mentioned that there was a definite improvement.

I’ve also noticed new growth and the curl is beginning to fight back a little more. I wouldn’t say it’s enough for me to go back to styling my hair curly again, but I’ve noticed it’s getting harder to keep it straight as the natural curl seems to be getting stronger and much more like it used to be.

The other major thing I have noticed is how much healthier and strong my nails are. Between having chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and the effects of menopause, in the last year, my nails have had the strength of tracing paper. They were never very strong even in my youth, but I am happy to say that they are looking as healthy and strong as ever. The real test was when I recently tried to peel a sticky label from the back of a card and my nail didn’t crumble! In the recent past, my nails were so thin and weak that the whites were crumbling away without even touching anything. I would often find myself with a painful hanging nail right in the middle of my nail, that often went straight into the nail bed - and forget about being able to apply varnish on a night out! So, I am delighted to see them stronger, with fewer ridges and a much healthier overall appearance.

The Collagen Boost capsules are extremely high quality. They have some hugely beneficial ingredients in each capsule, also their Iodine is sourced from Puresea seaweed, and the fish collagen peptide is from Naticol.

Nails before and after before (left) and after (right)

As you can see, hapihealth Collagen Boost capsules have made such a difference in quite a short space of time! There is much more to them than just collagen too. They are packed with hair, skin and nail-loving ingredients that have made such a difference. I only wish I had tried them sooner!

Sam Day

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