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Recover-ease 20mg Patch

Recover-ease 20mg Patch

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Looking for an effective way to manage pain, anxiety, or chronic conditions? Discover our CBD Patch, your direct route to recovery and support. Each patch administers a potent 20mg dose of premium ingredients, crafted to offer uncomplicated and immediate benefits. Ideal for those in need of targeted relief, our patches provide a concentrated solution to alleviate stress, reduce pain, improve sleep, and ease symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

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Our recover-ease 20mg Patches elevate the concept of relief & recovery to new heights, offering a sophisticated, effective, and practical approach to pain relief, inflammation & chronic illness.

All of our fully organic biodegradable patches are expertly formulated & manufactured in the UK to the GMP code of practice. Giving you a complete piece of mind with a trusted brand. 

Each patch is meticulously crafted to deliver a substantial 20mg dose of premium CBD directly into your bloodstream, ensuring maximum therapeutic efficacy.

5 reasons to try our Recover-ease CBD patches:

  1. Effective Pain Relief: Each patch delivers a robust 20mg dose of CBD, which is ideal for CBD beginners. Known for its ability to alleviate pain from arthritis, injuries, and chronic conditions.
  2. Easy to Use: Simply apply the patch to a clean, dry area of your skin and experience ongoing pain relief without the need for repetitive dosing.
  3. Steady Release: Benefit from a consistent and controlled release of CBD, providing sustained relief throughout the day and night.
  4. Supports Chronic Conditions: Specially designed to assist with the management of chronic illnesses by easing long-term discomfort and reducing symptoms over time.
  5. Targeted Action: Each patch is specifically formulated to focus on reducing inflammation and easing discomfort, making it ideal for those seeking a direct approach to pain management.


Effective Transdermal Delivery: The brilliance of our patches lies in their transdermal delivery system. This advanced technology allows for the ingredients to be absorbed through the skin and directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system entirely. Unlike oral products, which can lose up to 90% of their efficacy due to first-pass metabolism, our patches ensure a high bioavailability of powerful nutrients. This means that a greater proportion of the ingredients reach the areas of your body where it's needed most, making these patches an exceptionally effective means of relief for pain, sleep, anxiety etc. 

Ease of Use and Consistency: With their non-tacky adhesive, our patches are incredibly easy to apply. Simply peel off the backing and apply to a clean area of skin. Once in place, the patch begins its work, releasing a steady stream of the  ingredients over a 24-hour period. This slow, consistent delivery eliminates the need for frequent dosing, providing a hassle-free solution for maintaining a continuous level in your system.

Extended Duration: The remarkable longevity of our patches, lasting anywhere from 24 to 36 hours, ensures that your body receives a constant influx of relief. This steady stream not only enhances the overall effectiveness of the product but also means you can set it and forget it, without the need to remember multiple dosing times throughout the day.

Targeted Relief: One of the unique advantages of our patches is the ability to apply them directly to areas of the body where discomfort or pain is experienced. This targeted approach allows for localised relief, making it an ideal option for addressing specific areas of concern.

Pure and Potent: For those who value the purity and potency of Isolate, our patches represent the pinnacle of convenience and effectiveness. They offer a straightforward, no-fuss approach to relief, providing all the benefits of patches without the complexities of other delivery methods.

Discreet and Convenient: Our transdermal patches are designed with discretion and convenience in mind. They can be easily concealed under clothing, offering a private and unobtrusive way to enjoy the benefits of, both day and night.

 Our recover-ease Patches are not just a product but a lifestyle enhancement. They offer an efficient, user-friendly, and highly effective way to incorporate into your daily routine, providing targeted, long-lasting relief and the pure, unadulterated benefits of Isolate. Whether you're seeking to manage stress, alleviate discomfort, or simply enhance your overall sense of well-being, our patches are poised to deliver transformative results.

  • 20mg Premium ingredients Per Patch: Each patch delivers a potent dose of 20mg of high-quality isolate, ensuring effective relief and support.
  • Advanced Transdermal Delivery: Utilises cutting-edge transdermal technology to deliver relief directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for enhanced bioavailability and efficacy.
  • Non-Tacky Adhesive: Engineered with a gentle, non-tacky adhesive for easy application and removal, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout the day.
  • 24-Hour Slow Release: Designed for continuous, slow release over 24 hours, providing consistent therapeutic benefits without the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Targeted Relief: Allows for precise application to specific areas of discomfort, providing targeted relief where it's needed most.
  • High Absorption Rate: Bypasses the digestive system and delivers ingredients directly into the bloodstream, ensuring a high absorption rate and maximum effectiveness.
  • Extended Duration: Offers sustained release for at least 24 hours and up to 36 hours, ensuring a steady stream of benefits throughout the day and night.
  • Discreet and Convenient: Slim and discreet design allows for easy concealment under clothing, making it an ideal solution for on-the-go or all-day use.
  • Hypoallergenic: Formulated to be hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin, and minimizing the risk of irritation.
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free: Crafted to meet various dietary and lifestyle needs, ensuring broad accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Easy-to-Use: Simple peel-and-apply application process, making it straightforward for anyone to incorporate relief & recovery into their daily wellness routine.

Do you have any questions? Take a look at our frequently asked questions about our patches:

What are vitamin patches and how do they work? Vitamin patches deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream through the skin, bypassing the digestive system. This method enhances the bioavailability of the ingredients and ensures a consistent, controlled release over time.

Are hapi patch vitamin patches safe to use? Yes, hapi patch vitamin patches are safe to use. They are GMP certified, ensuring they meet the highest international standards of quality and safety. Additionally, they are MHRA approved and free from heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

How do I apply the patch? To apply the patch, clean and dry the area of skin, peel off the backing, and press the patch firmly onto the skin. It can be placed on areas such as the upper arm, tummy, thigh, or back.

How long do I need to wear the patch? For optimal results, wear the patch for 24 hours before replacing it with a new one. This allows for a continuous, controlled release of nutrients. Some patches, like the easee sleep patch and energy patch, can be removed after 8-12 hours if needed.

Are hapi patch vitamin patches waterproof? Yes, hapi patch vitamin patches are designed to be waterproof, allowing you to shower, swim, and exercise without worrying about the patch coming off. You can also wear them in a steam room and sauna.

Can I use multiple patches at the same time? Yes, you can use multiple patches at the same time. For example, you can wear two Glow Up patches for a more intense treatment for skin and hair. However, exercise caution with the energy patches due to their potency. You can also wear different patches simultaneously, such as the hormone balance patch and glow up patch. Avoid using the sleep patch with the energy patch together.

Are there any side effects? Most users do not experience side effects. All of our patches are organic and 100% natural. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might experience mild irritation. If irritation persists, discontinue use.

Are the ingredients in hapi patch vitamin patches natural? Yes, hapi patch vitamin patches are made with pure and organically produced ingredients, free from GMOs, gluten, and are vegan-friendly.

Can I use hapi patch vitamin patches if I have a medical condition or take other medications? If you have a medical condition or are taking other medications, consult with your healthcare provider before using hapi patch vitamin patches to ensure there are no potential interactions.

How should I store the patches? Store the patches in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their effectiveness and longevity. Keep the patches in your card pouch.

What makes hapi patch vitamin patches different from other supplements? hapi patch vitamin patches offer a unique, transdermal delivery system with a 4-layered matrix system. This ensures maximum absorption and effectiveness. Unlike oral supplements, which must pass through the digestive system, our patches provide direct nutrient delivery into the bloodstream for fast and consistent results.

What is the 4-Layered Matrix Design? The 4-layered matrix design in hapi patch vitamin patches ensures optimal nutrient delivery and absorption.

1. Protective Backing Layer: Keeps the patch secure and waterproof.

2. Reservoir Layer: Contains a precise concentration of active nutrients.

3. Controlled Release Membrane: Ensures steady, consistent nutrient release.

4. Adhesive Layer with Permeation Enhancers: Sticks securely and facilitates efficient nutrient transfer into the bloodstream.

This design enhances bioavailability, provides consistent nutrient delivery, and ensures comfort and safety, making it the most effective method for vitamin supplementation.

How soon can I expect to see results? Results can vary depending on individual factors such as metabolism and health condition. However, many users report feeling the benefits within a few days to a few weeks of consistent use. Patches like the energy patches, calm vibes, and sleep patches offer instant benefits, while glow up and hormone balance patches may take longer.

Do vitamin patches really work? Yes, vitamin patches are an effective way to deliver nutrients into the body. By using transdermal technology, these patches ensure that vitamins are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and providing faster, more consistent results.

Can we absorb vitamins through a patch? Yes, our skin is capable of absorbing vitamins through transdermal patches. This method allows for direct delivery of nutrients into the bloodstream, enhancing bioavailability and ensuring that the body receives the full benefit of the vitamins.

If you have any further questions, simply drop us a email -


    This is not a medicine. 


    Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, self-curing adhesive, polyethene backing sheet

    How to use

    You can place patches wherever you like, however not recommended on the face!

    You can change daily where you place it, for example, you may feel you need to feel some benefit on your back, so place it there. Another day you may feel you want to place the patch on your leg. The beauty of transdermal patches is how versatile they are. However, wherever the patch is placed will feel the benefit first. Simply peel the patch off the strip and apply it to clean non-oily skin.

    Why hapihealth?

    While we're new, we have plenty of experience in the wellness space with our sister brand. We're highly meticulous in the products that we offer, selecting only the most premium natural ingredients that we know will work to help you on your wellness journey. We've tried and tested our products over a number of years before we decided to release our secret recipes to you.

    • Natural
    • Cruelty Free
    • Next Day Delivery
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    Have used these patches on a number of occasions and find these really help with back pain