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Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches - Skin & Hair

Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches - Skin & Hair

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Unlock radiant skin and vibrant hair with The Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches, inspired by Jennifer Aniston's beauty regime of GHK-Cu Copper Peptide injections. Experience the revolution in skincare and haircare with these advanced patches, each loaded with the transformative power of copper peptides. Known for their profound rejuvenating effects, copper peptides offer a clinically proven solution for enhancing skin's elasticity and revitalising hair's natural shine. Simple to use and incredibly potent, these patches promise visible improvements in just a week and astonishing transformations within a month.

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Here's why you'll be obsessed with the Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches:

Transform your beauty routine to celebrity status with Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches, a favourite of Jennifer Aniston, who swears by GHK-Cu Copper Peptide injections for her timeless beauty. Now, thanks to the innovative transdermal delivery of our patches, featured in Vogue and Glamour, you can harness the same potent GHK-Cu Copper Peptides directly into your bloodstream, mimicking the coveted treatments of Hollywood's elite. These patches promise round-the-clock rejuvenation, targeting aging, pigmentation, sun damage, acne, rosacea, and more, all while enhancing collagen production for a visibly rejuvenated complexion and lustrous hair.

Interesting Fact: Did you know Copper Peptides naturally boost our collagen production? They work by signalling the body to produce more collagen and elastin, the building blocks of firm and youthful skin, effectively turning the tide on aging.

Here’s why Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches are a game-changer for your skin and hair, enriched with nature’s finest ingredients:

* Pomegranate Extract: A powerhouse of antioxidants, it fights skin damage and brightens the complexion.

* Ginseng Extract: Known for its revitalising properties, it enhances skin firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

* Green Tea Extract: Offers anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing acne, and rosacea, while protecting the skin from sun damage.

* Blackberry Extract: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it supports hair strength and adds a vibrant shine.

Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches also feature:

* 24-Hour Transdermal Delivery: Ensures a continuous flow of these skin-loving ingredients for all-day nourishment.

* Simplicity and Purity: With 'Peel, Stick, and GLOW' enjoy an effortless routine using 100% natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals.

* Eco-Conscious Beauty: Our biodegradable patches not only care for your skin and hair but the planet too.

Proudly made in the UK to the highest GMP standards, the Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches invite you to unlock a realm of effortless allure and confidence. It's your time to glow up and stand out, every single day!

Available in four different sizes:

The 15  day pack is perfect if you want a subtle glow up for the weekend!

The 30 day pack - is for more obvious skin transformation, and this is the best place to start!

60 day pack - for the more serious about skincare. 60 days will also start working with your hair growth and you will notice a improvement! Maybe you have a big event coming up and you want to look your best!

90 day pack - A Complete transformation for skin and hair. The perfect treatment if you want to give your skin and hair a overhaul. Maybe you are fed up with skin imperfections, maybe you are getting married, maybe you want to elevate your skincare regime!

Don't forget our Glow Up subscription service - a healthy glow delivered to your door each month.



GHK-Cu, Pomegranate Extract, Ginseng Extract, Green Tea Extract, Blackberry Extract

How to use

Simply apply one patch to a hair-free area of the skin. For example, the inner arm, lower back, shoulder, thigh, wrist or anywhere that you find convenient. After 24 hours remove your patch and wash off any residue with warm soapy water, then apply a new patch to a different area to allow the skin to breathe.

Why hapihealth?

While we're new, we have plenty of experience in the wellness space with our sister brand. We're highly meticulous in the products that we offer, selecting only the most premium natural ingredients that we know will work to help you on your wellness journey. We've tried and tested our products over a number of years before we decided to release our secret recipes to you.

  • Natural
  • Cruelty Free
  • Next Day Delivery
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Works just as advertised

Tina B
These really work!

In the eternal search for something to help peri menopausal hair thinning, these patches were bought to my attention on a forum. A month later, I’m already starting to see results and definitely going to continue with this!

Thank you!

I have these on subscription now, also my son is now a fan as they have cleared his acne.

made a difference

Really pleased with these, after about 2 weeks I kept getting compliments on how well I looked!

Emma Adcock
Glow up Copper Peptide patches - Amazing results!

So happy with my purchase of the Glow up Copper Peptide patches. My skin is looking vibrant and really glowing from within, spots have cleared up and they have even helped fade my scaring. Very happy with the results - plus friends and colleagues have commented how nice my skin looks!