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The Glam & Glow Prep Kit

The Glam & Glow Prep Kit

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Are you ready to shine? Dive into the intensive two-month health & beauty programme with the hapi Glam & Glow Prep Kit—your ultimate beauty booster, combining the expertise of a personal glam squad and personal trainer, all in one! Designed for those special moments that call for extraordinary radiance and confidence, this kit is your go-to for transforming and revitalising your appearance. Whether preparing for your wedding day, a significant event, or a lavish holiday party, the Glam & Glow Prep Kit is your secret to achieving a flawless, youthful glow. Valued at over £180 when items are bought separately, this meticulously curated selection of patches delivers a comprehensive approach to beauty and wellness. It rejuvenates your skin, kickstarts fat-burning, boosts metabolism, elevates energy, hydrates thoroughly, and ensures you enjoy restful sleep. Emerge glowing, rejuvenated, and utterly transformed!

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Are you ready to embrace your most radiant self? The hapi Glam & Glow Prep Kit is meticulously designed as an intensive two-month health and beauty program, combining the expertise of a personal glam squad and personal trainer, tailored specifically for those transformative moments in life. Here's a deeper look at how this kit stands as the quintessential companion for your pre-event preparations:

Comprehensive Beauty Solutions: This kit is a complete overhaul of traditional beauty routines, offering a holistic approach that includes not just skincare but also enhancements to hair quality, body wellness, and overall vitality. With products valued at over £180 when purchased separately, the Glam & Glow Prep Kit ensures that each aspect of your beauty regime is covered.

Skin Rejuvenation: Dive into the benefits of the Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches included in the kit. Infused with potent GHK-Cu copper peptides, these patches deliver essential peptides through the skin, significantly enhancing collagen production. The result? A noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, and a vibrant, youthful glow that comes from deep within the skin layers.

Hair Revitalisation: Not only does your skin get a transformation, but your hair does too. Copper peptides also play a crucial role in promoting hair growth and revitalizing the scalp, leading to thicker, fuller hair that shines with health.

Weight Management and Metabolic Boost: The Boost & Burn Patches are a game changer in how you manage your weight. They help kickstart your metabolism and enhance fat-burning processes, all through natural extracts known for their efficacy in weight management. This means you can achieve your desired physique more efficiently while also feeling energised.

Hydration and Restful Sleep: Proper hydration and sleep are critical for beauty and health, and the Glam & Glow Prep Kit addresses both. The Easee Sleep Patches ensure that you not only fall asleep faster but achieve deep, restorative sleep. Hydration isn't just about drinking water; it's about your cells retaining moisture, which is vital for plump, smooth skin.

Collagen Boost: The Collagen Ultra Gummies in the kit provide a delicious way to boost your intake of bovine collagen, renowned for its ability to mimic the body's natural collagen, making it more effective. These gummies are packed with vitamins and minerals that enhance skin firmness, hydrate the skin, and strengthen hair.

Why Bovine Collagen? Chosen for its superior bioavailability, bovine collagen in these gummies helps in quicker absorption and more effective results in skin and hair care compared to other types. It's particularly effective in maintaining skin elasticity and hydration, which are essential for a youthful appearance.

By integrating these components, the hapi Glam & Glow Prep Kit does more than just prepare you for an event; it transforms your wellness and beauty regime into a ritual that leaves you glowing from the inside out. Whether it’s your wedding, a significant birthday, or any important gathering, this kit ensures you look and feel your absolute best. With this kit, every day leads you closer to unveiling a rejuvenated, radiant version of yourself, ready to take on the world's spotlight.

What's Inside the Glam & Glow Prep Kit?

* 60 Days of Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches: These best-selling patches deliver a continuous flow of Copper Peptides directly into your bloodstream, combating dullness, pigmentation, and signs of aging for a radiant, youthful complexion and lustrous locks.

* 60 Days of Boost & Burn Patches: Kickstart your weight management journey and boost your energy levels with patches infused with natural extracts. Suppress appetite, rev up your metabolism, and burn fat effortlessly while feeling your best.

*Collagen Ultra Gummies – 60 days - the Collagen Ultra Gummies, an essential part of the hapi Glam & Glow Prep Kit. These gummies are packed with high-quality bovine collagen, known for its superior bioavailability and effectiveness in improving skin and hair health compared to other types. Bovine collagen closely mimics the collagen found in human bodies, making it highly effective in restoring skin elasticity and moisture, reducing wrinkles, and promoting a healthy hair growth cycle.

Flavoured with delicious pineapple, each gummy is a delightful way to consume essential nutrients that support skin and hair vitality. Packed with biotin, selenium, and vitamins A, C, and E, these gummies not only boost collagen production but also protect against oxidative stress, enhance skin repair, and strengthen hair.


* Easee Sleep Patches (30 pack): Ensure restful, rejuvenating sleep every night with our natural sleep aid patches. Infused with Valerian Root, Passionflower, and Hop Extracts, these patches promote a healthy sleep cycle, banishing dark circles and bags so you wake up refreshed.

  • After Party Patches: More than a hangover remedy, these patches also boost skin health and detoxification. Daily use before an event can enhance skin and body wellness, thanks to ingredients like Glutathione and N-Acetylcysteine (NAC).

Why Patches?

Patches offer a revolutionary delivery system for active ingredients, providing numerous advantages over traditional methods:

* Enhanced Absorption: Active ingredients are delivered directly into the bloodstream through the skin, bypassing the digestive system. This results in faster and more efficient absorption.

* Consistent Release: Ingredients are released steadily over time, providing lasting effects without the need for frequent reapplication.

* Convenience and Simplicity: Patches are discreet, easy to use, and can be applied in seconds, making them ideal for on-the-go lifestyles.

Why Choose the Glam & Glow Prep Kit?

* Comprehensive Beauty programme: The kit covers all facets of beauty from skin and hair rejuvenation with bovine collagen and Copper Peptide Patches, to weight management and enhanced vitality. It’s designed to ensure you look and feel radiant for any special occasion.

* Huge savings – brought separately, the products would cost you over £180.

* Enhanced Skin and Hair Benefits: With the inclusion of Collagen Ultra Gummies, you get a daily dose of bovine collagen, known for its superior ability to enhance skin elasticity and hair strength, alongside essential nutrients like biotin, selenium, and vitamins A, C, & E.

* Effortless and Convenient: The kit simplifies your beauty routine with easy-to-use patches and tasty gummies, allowing you to spend less time preparing and more time enjoying your special moments.

* Science-Backed and Natural: Leveraging cutting-edge transdermal technology and natural ingredients, the Glam & Glow Prep Kit delivers effective, scientifically supported solutions for beauty and wellness, ensuring that every element works synergistically for optimal results.

* Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Committed to environmental responsibility, our patches are organic, biodegradable, and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK, making this kit a choice you can feel good about.

This kit not only promises to enhance your natural beauty but also supports a healthier lifestyle and sustainable practices, making it the ideal choice for your pre-event preparation.




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