How Does Transdermal Delivery Work?

How Does Transdermal Delivery Work?

Transdermal patches are a popular and well-established method for absorbing vitamins and ingredients through your skin.

Transdermal skin patches stick to the skin as an effective way to deliver vitamins. They provide an exact dose of ingredients which is then absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. The benefit of transdermal delivery is the non-invasive and painless delivery of vitamins, with the additional benefit of consistent delivery over a period of time.

Over the years the demand for topical patches has increased due to their effectiveness and popularity of them.

A transdermal patch acts as a carrier for the ingredients, the patch holds it until it's applied to the skin.

For example – our copper peptide patch contains copper peptides as well as additional effective ingredients such as Pomegranate extract, Ginseng extract as well as many more.

When the patch is applied to the skin the copper peptides and additional ingredients with permeate through the skin and straight into the bloodstream. The patch will continue to administer the copper peptides as well as the other active ingredients over a period of time until they are fully absorbed.

Both our copper peptide patch and menopause patch are 24-hour patches, which means it has a slow release, even delivery over 24 hours and only needs changing once a day.

Transdermal delivery is an attractive alternative to oral delivery of health supplements. For thousands of years, people have placed topical blends to their skin for therapeutic purposes. One of the very first transdermal solutions was a patch for motion sickness. Years later we have nicotine patches, hormone patches and contraception patches which have all helped millions over the years.

There are many different types of transdermal patches available, probably the most well-known patches are nicotine patches and HRT patches as they have been around for a long time and are well-known for being very effective and helping millions all over the world.

Transdermal delivery has a variety of advantages, one being that the active ingredients bypass the liver and digestive system, which is really helpful for people that suffer from digestive issues and IBS.

Our hapi hormone patches are a great example of how well a transdermal patch can work. Each patch contains some amazing natural ingredients that help with hormonal health, including menopause, PMDD and PMT.

These 24-hour slow-release patches will administer ingredients including Black Cohosh, Goto kola and Skullcap through the skin and straight into the bloodstream. Throughout the day you will then benefit from the therapeutic effects.

Our patches are easy to use but to ensure they work well it's important to use them properly. Here are some simple instructions to follow…

How to Use A Transdermal Patch

Read through all instructions that come on the box. Where to place the patch etc.

Always wash your hands before taking the patches out.

Remove any previous patches from the day before, then decide where you want to place your patch. We always recommend that you place your patch in a slightly different place each time.

Popular areas are – the upper arms, tummy, hip, and thigh. Always make sure that the area is dry and free from creams and oils and is not too hairy.

Open the patch carefully and avoid tearing the patch itself, this is very important as the patch contains your active ingredients. If you do cut and damage the patch then throw it away.

Remove the patch from its liner and carefully place it onto the skin, avoiding touching the sticky area of the patch. Ensure the patch is placed sticky side down onto the skin and press down so it's firmly attached. Use your finger to press the edges and smooth them out so there are no creases or lumps.

When placing a patch avoid the following areas:

  • open cuts or sores
  • creases
  • gets sweaty.
  • gets rubbed a lot.
  • has a lot of hair.
  • that will be covered by a belt or a clothing seam.

Once you get used to the patches it will become an easy quick application each day and all you have to think about is the hapi benefits!

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