PMDD Awareness Month

PMDD Awareness Month

April is PMDD awareness month and 2023 sees the biggest one yet! The theme for this year is ‘Spark Change’; you can get involved as much or as little as you want.

There are still many women out there who are suffering in silence with PMDD and this PMDD awareness month is helping women understand they are not alone, and that support, and understanding is available.

So if you would like to get involved, or reach out to those women who do not have the confidence to do so, take a look at the flowing:

1. Think about your community and whom you could reach. e.g., If you are a parent, you could share images in parent groups or put up posters in community spaces you use. If you are a student, you could ask your Student body to share information/display posters.

2. Check out PMDD events - from light-ups, discussion panels, and webinars for those just finding out about PMDs, learning about PMDD research, and a quiz - there is something for everyone!

3. Find something Teal (greeny-blue!) in your wardrobe to wear for Teal Tuesday #PAM23TealTuesdays - from tutus to ties; join in this fun conversation starter and fundraiser!

4. Talk openly on social media about PMDD, let’s stop this being something that is a hidden subject.

5. Share PMDD information – whether it’s linked from YouTube, Google etc, let’s share all the PMDD information we can.

6. Join a Facebook PMDD community group – reach out to people who are struggling and share your experiences and ideas.

For more information on PMDD awareness month take a look at

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