5 Reasons to Use hapi hormones Patches

5 Reasons to Use hapi hormones Patches

HRT isn’t for You

It may surprise you to learn that not every woman is able to use HRT, or even wants to. There are many women out there who have no choice and cannot use it – for me, it was because I survived a type of breast cancer that is responsive to oestrogen, but there are other reasons too - HRT doesn’t agree with everyone. For years HRT has been the most commonly known therapy to help support women in menopause but now there are natural alternatives available too. Hapi hormones patches are brimming with powerful, natural ingredients that have been chosen because of their ability to support various symptoms women can struggle with during menopause.

Kind To the Gut

Gut issues can be a real problem in menopause. Bloating is very common, as are constipation and diarrhoea which can leave your gut feeling irritated, fragile and overwhelmed. Using a transdermal patch means the ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin, cutting out the need to upset your digestive system any further.


No waiting for a cream to dry, no having to take a capsule at the correct time of day, no having to fight for an appointment with your GP to re-order. Just find a time of day that suits you, keeping your patches in a place where you can grab them – they don’t need much space, and just peel, stick and go! You can even get them on a subscription meaning you don’t have to worry about remembering to re-order. They will arrive just as you need them, and you get a £4 discount on subscription prices too!

Top-Quality Natural Ingredients

Our patches come from an established supplier with over 25 years of experience in the vitamin and supplement market, who manufacture to the highest quality in the UK, in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). All natural, vegan-friendly & organic, each ingredient has been selected to create a patch that will address varying menopausal symptoms including mood, bladder support, hot flushes, gut issues and anxiety. Here is a full list of ingredients and how they can help you.

They Work!

They really do! Each patch is activated by the heat of your body and slowly releases the ingredients through your skin, into your bloodstream over a 24-hour period. For some people, it can take longer than others to feel the benefit, which is why we don’t sell these patches in anything smaller than a 30-pack. But don’t just take our word for how wonderful hapi hormones patches are, here is what Lisa had to say.

“Five Stars! They are easy and discreet to wear, I didn’t notice I had them on. They took a few days to kick in and made my flushes a lot less intense. I had my first daytime flush today after not having worn a patch for a couple of days. At night I had mild flushes which I could easily have slept through and have become more intense again since not having the patches”.

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