A Dual Solution for Menopausal Hair & Skin Challenges.

A Dual Solution for Menopausal Hair & Skin Challenges.

For many women, the transition into menopause brings an array of physical and emotional changes, often accompanied by a myriad of questions. Among these changes, hair loss and thinning become a silent struggle for a significant number. But what really triggers this difficult change?

The Science Behind Menopausal Hair and Skin Changes

It's essential first to grasp the underlying science. As women step into their 30s, there's a noticeable decline in collagen production. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the elasticity and strength of the skin. Its decrease over time can lead to the skin becoming more fragile, losing its youthful firmness, and, consequently, the hair follicles becoming weaker.

Furthermore, during menopause and the preceding perimenopause phase, hormonal shifts become a leading player in the skin and hair changes women experience. Nearly half of all women undergo noticeable skin issues during menopause. Key hormones, including oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, see reduced production. Simultaneously, cortisol, often referred to as the "stress hormone," sees a spike in its production.

Oestrogen, for instance, aids in promoting a healthy hair growth cycle. With its decline, hair may not grow as robustly or might fall out at an increased rate. Progesterone, vital for hair growth and health, also sees a slump, further contributing to the hair thinning process. Moreover, the elevation in cortisol can lead to additional hair shedding.

Introducing the Power Duo: Hapi Glow Copper Peptide Patches & Collagen Ultra Gummies

Copper Peptides in a Transdermal Patch: The Science Behind How It Works

One of the groundbreaking approaches to skin and hair care is the use of transdermal patches. These patches, much like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patches, work by delivering active ingredients directly into the bloodstream. By passing the digestive system, they ensure a higher bioavailability and a more consistent release of the ingredients.

When you apply a patch to the skin, the active ingredients permeate the skin layers and enter the bloodstream directly. This method can often provide faster and more sustained results than oral supplementation, given the direct-to-bloodstream approach. For women undergoing menopausal changes, this can mean a more immediate and effective response to the symptoms.

Copper Peptides: The Wonder Element for Hair and Skin

Embedded in our transdermal patches are copper peptides, champions of skin and hair care, offering numerous benefits:

Skin Revitalisation

Copper peptides have a natural affinity to enhance skin rejuvenation. They promote the production of collagen and elastin the proteins responsible for the skin's elasticity and firmness. Moreover, they aid in clearing out damaged collagen and elastin, setting the stage for healthier skin renewal.

Before and After Skin

Hair Growth Stimulation

The benefits of copper peptides extend to hair health as well. They play a pivotal role in increasing hair follicle size, which in turn reduces hair thinning. By boosting blood flow to hair follicles, they ensure a more efficient delivery of nutrients, fostering healthier hair growth.

In essence, the combination of transdermal delivery and the potent properties of copper peptides creates a powerful solution for women experiencing menopausal skin and hair issues. It offers a direct, effective, and innovative approach to holistic beauty and well-being.

Before and After Hair

Bovine Collagen: The Preferred Choice for Hormonal Skin and Hair

Bovine collagen stands out as an ideal supplement during menopause for several reasons:


Bovine collagen closely resembles human collagen, allowing for easier absorption and integration into the body.

Hormonal Support

Its rich amino acid profile makes bovine collagen particularly useful for women experiencing hormonal imbalances, as it offers holistic support to the body's hormonal health.

Enriched Formulation

Our bovine collagen doesn't come alone. It's fortified with biotin, selenium, and vitamins A, C, & E. These components synergistically work to impact hair and skin positively:


An essential vitamin for hair growth and overall hair health.


A powerful antioxidant that protects the skin and hair from damage.

Vitamins A, C & E

These vitamins are fundamental for skin health, boosting collagen production, and providing antioxidant protection, making them indispensable for maintaining radiant skin and lustrous hair.

Real Results with this Power Duo Glow Copper Peptide patches and Collagen Ultra Gummies

Our Hapi Glow Copper Peptide Patches combined with the Bovine Collagen Ultra Gummies offer a revolutionary solution that addresses both skin and hair concerns from the root. The authentic transformations showcased in our before-and-after photos testify to the potency of this combination.

A Timely Offer for Timeless Strength


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It's not just about external appearance; it's about fortifying inner strength, resilience, and well-being. Embrace this transformative phase and arm yourself with the right resources.

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