6 Reasons Why Copper Peptides Help Hair Growth.

6 Reasons Why Copper Peptides Help Hair Growth.

Copper peptides are among the most talked about hair trends right now.

  1. Copper peptides stimulate the production of new capillaries on our scalps. As we age circulation in our capillaries deteriorates and can cause hair loss on our scalps.
  2. Copper peptides can prolong and stimulate our hair growth stage. This means we get more time for active hair regrowth and thicker strands. It can also aid with sudden hair shedding.
  3. Copper peptides can help in increasing hair follicle size. Copper peptides are known to help treat wounds due to their anti-inflammatory effects. In a recent trial, the hair follicles around the damaged area had grown much more than expected.
  4. Copper peptides have a role in the prevention of early follicle death.
  5. Copper peptides boost our levels of collagen and elastin in the scalp.
  6. Copper peptides stimulate the production of another inhibitor protein, which prevents our follicles from becoming much smaller.

Our pioneering Copper peptide patches offer fast and effective delivery of copper peptides through a transdermal patch. This means this active ingredient goes straight into your bloodstream.

Each patch lasts for 24 hours so you only have to reapply once a day.

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