The Magic Of Copper Peptides For Your Skin

The Magic Of Copper Peptides For Your Skin

Jennifer Aniston's favourite skincare ingredient!

Wave goodbye to cluttered expensive skincare routines and embrace the simplicity and efficacy of the Glow Up Copper Peptide patches

Your one-stop solution for tackling skin issues like pigmentation, acne, sun damage, rosacea, and scars. These innovative transdermal patches are revolutionising the way we approach skincare by offering a targeted, scientific approach to combat skin complaints, all the while promoting a clear, even-toned  glowing complexion.

The Science behind the Peptides

The science behind the Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches lies in the remarkable abilities of copper peptides to influence the skin's healing and regeneration processes. Copper peptides are known to activate the skin's metalloproteinases, enzymes that play a crucial role in the removal of damaged collagen and elastin from the skin. This process is vital for combating pigmentation, as it helps to break down and remove the overproduced melanin that leads to uneven skin tone and dark spots.

Furthermore, copper peptides boost the production of new, healthy collagen and elastin, essential for maintaining the skin's firmness and elasticity. This not only aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also ensures that the new skin cells are healthier, more resilient, and less prone to pigmentation.

Its important to note that not all copper peptides are equal. Think of copper peptides like one big family with lots of different members! For skincare and healing it’s the copper peptide GHK-CU you want.

Copper peptides are made when a copper ion joins up with a peptide, which is a small chain of amino acids (The building blocks of proteins) GHK-Cu has a unique combination of three amino acids: Glycine which is the G. Histidine which is the H and Lysine which is the K. These grab onto a copper ion. Its this special blend which is famous for helping skin look better and feel better.

 By enhancing the skin's natural antioxidant defences, copper peptides also protect against environmental aggressors and UV radiation, key contributors to pigmentation and premature aging. This protective barrier helps to prevent future damage and maintains the skin's overall health and vitality.

A Simplified Skincare Revolution

The Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches simplify skincare routines by providing a potent, direct application of these powerful ingredients, eliminating the need for multiple products and complex regimens. Designed for convenience and efficiency, these patches deliver sustained release of copper peptides directly to the areas that need it most, ensuring maximum absorption and optimal results.

Lorraine Clark, the visionary behind this transformative product, emphasises the ease and effectiveness of this approach, "Our Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches are a game-changer for those battling pigmentation. By embracing the scientifically backed power of copper peptides, we offer a straightforward, potent solution that delivers visible results, making complex skincare routines a thing of the past. We have many amazing before & after photos from customers who are using the Glow Up patches for a variety of reasons.”

 Copper Peptides - One Stop Skincare Solution

Incorporating the essence of simplicity and effectiveness, the Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches stand out as a singular, all-encompassing skincare solution. These patches eliminate the need for a variety of skincare products, condensing the essential ingredients required to combat skin complaints into one convenient application. This innovative approach not only declutters your skincare routine but also ensures that your skin benefits from a full spectrum of active ingredients without the complexity of layering multiple products.

Advanced Transdermal Delivery

What truly sets the Glow Up Patches apart is their advanced transdermal delivery system. This cutting-edge technology allows for the ingredients to be absorbed directly through the skin, ensuring that they penetrate deeply and effectively to target pigmentation at its source. Unlike traditional applications, where potency can be compromised on the skin's surface, the transdermal patches provide a consistent and sustained release of copper peptides and other key ingredients. This method maximises efficacy, delivering noticeable results with a single, simple patch.

Lorraine Clark emphasises the game-changing nature of this technology, stating, "Our Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches are not just a product, but a revolution in skincare. By offering everything your skin needs in one patch and utilising transdermal delivery, we've made tackling pigmentation and enhancing skin health easier and more effective than ever before. We believe we are one of very few companies offering transdermal delivery of copper peptides. Recently there has been a lot of press on this due to Jennifer Aniston raving about her weekly copper peptide injections in LA!  There was an article in Glamour magazine and Vogue.

Now we do not all live in LA, nor do we have the budget to spend £300 a week on copper peptide injections! So, the Glow Up patches are a great alternative for anyone who is enthusiastic about their skin.


Embrace the future of skincare with Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches and experience the confidence that comes with luminous, even-toned skin, free from the shadows of pigmentation.


Popular questions about copper peptides;

  1. What do copper peptides do?

Copper peptides help rejuvenate the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production, reducing inflammation, and speeding up the healing process. They can make your skin look firmer, smoother, and more youthful.

  1. Are copper peptides better than retinol?

It's not about being better; it's about what your skin needs. Copper peptides are great for healing and reducing inflammation, while retinol is known for combating wrinkles and acne. Some people prefer copper peptides for sensitive skin since retinol can be more irritating for some.

  1. Should I use copper peptides every day?

Yes, you can use copper peptides every day. They're generally gentle and beneficial for daily use to support skin health and healing. However, always listen to your skin; if you notice any irritation, you might want to adjust how often you use them.


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