Why Are Transdermal Vitamin Patches So Popular?

Why Are Transdermal Vitamin Patches So Popular?

The vitamin market has exploded in recent years as consumers have begun to seek healthier alternatives to the traditional vitamin-rich food sources that once supplied their daily needs. As the supplement industry continues to grow, more and more options for delivery methods have emerged - one of the most innovative being the vitamin transdermal patch. These small adhesive patches have quickly become the preferred way of delivering vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream, eliminating the need to take pills or drink foul-tasting liquids. Many women are turning to transdermal hormone patches as a natural alternative to HRT. The hapihormones patch is a popular choice for women as it’s completely natural and contains a variety of amazing ingredients, all of which have been around for hundreds of years and are well known and trusted to help balance hormones. Vitamin transdermal patches offer a wide range of benefits when compared to traditional forms of taking vitamins.

Higher Absorption

For starters, these patches allow for higher absorption rates than that of traditional pills, as they deliver nutrients straight into the bloodstream, rather than passing through the digestive system. This means that your body is getting the full benefits of the vitamin without being diluted or diminished by the digestive process. A good example here is the hapiglow copper peptide patch. Copper peptides are huge right now within the anti-ageing skincare industry. So, imagine a skin patch that delivers copper peptides with other magical ingredients straight into your bloodstream. Well, that’s what the copper peptide does!

Easy To Use

On top of this, the process of applying a patch is much more convenient than swallowing a pill. They’re designed to be easy to put on and keep in place without much hassle. Additionally, these patches can be applied at any time of day or night, which can help make your daily vitamin regimen easier to manage.

24-Hour Release

Both the hapihormones patch and the hapiglow copper peptides patch are 24-hour slow-release patches. This means you have a steady release of the active ingredients over 24 hours.


Lastly, there’s the obvious fact that patches are simply more pleasant than pills or drinks. Taking a vitamin-infused transdermal patch eliminates the need to choke down a bitter tablet every morning, which can make it much more enjoyable to stick to your supplement routine. As you can see, the benefits of using a vitamin transdermal patch instead of traditional tablets or liquids are clear. Higher absorption rates, ease of application, and increased enjoyment are just some of the reasons why these patches have quickly become one of the most popular ways of getting the vitamins you need.
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